Monday, May 19, 2014

Room Cleaning

Yesterday was Mother's Day. As a mother of two, you would assume I did something special. You'd be wrong.

I finally had enough of the mountain of laundry and folded it. I tried to organize the winter clothes and summer clothes so I can put things away but ran out of storage bags so that did not go too well. The kids clothes are folded - just sitting in their rooms in the laundry baskets. The plan was to go through their drawers and pull out the winter/too small clothes and do something with them. But that was put on hold.

Instead we (I guess I should say I) cleaned their room. I organized the books, the diapers, the shoes, the toys, went through the toy box and pulled out all the My Little Pony's and castle pieces and put them in different boxes. Pulled out books for Ben to 'read' and chew, organized the toy shelf and put the stuffed animals in the basket.

I am fully aware that this will not last long. Kid organization never does, but I did get a box of toys to 'donate' to "Somewhere not my house." I hate to say it, but they are kids meals toys that are just junk. I personally love getting kids meals from KFC because they do not have a toy. The bucket is the toy and it comes with stickers. (Not to mention the meal of actual chicken, mashed potatoes, and applesauce.) No pointless plastic movie related crap or blinking shoe. We actually have two blinking shoes, what the heck is that from? Yes, flashing lights plastic shoe key chain like things are so much fun!

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