Monday, May 19, 2014

Grumpy and Hating It

That was last Monday. I didn't get a chance to finish my thoughts last week. I spent it trying not to be petty and get over being grumpy but as of today nothing has helped. Yesterday I did get Izzy's winter clothes sorted and put in a vacuum bag. If I get a chance, Ben's will be tonight. I've been sleeping a lot or wanting to sleep a lot. Not really sure what is up with that. I've been exhausted too, like I'm not sleeping well or perhaps I'm getting too much sleep. Who can say?

That box of toys for not my house? Izzy found the box and insisted on playing with every little thing she could find. The Toys R Us 'radio' thing I threw it across the room after she got mad at Ben playing with it. I couldn't take the song anymore. "I don't want to grow up" - I don't either but you don't get a choice.

I've been grumpy and irritable this past week. It pretty much all stems from Mother's Day - or lack there of. How do you get over trying not to be petty? I mean, it really doesn't matter but it still is a thorn in my side. UGH. I need to go work out for an hour or something where I zone out and don't think about anything. But that didn't help last week so I don't have hopes for it this week. Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow and wear myself out. That sounds like a plan. 15mins of trying to do laps just sounds like heaven right now.

I had high hopes for this weekend but now I'm concerned. We were going camping with my parents, aunt and uncle, and others. That is still happening, but my dad screwed up the dates and now we do not have our own campsite. So we're tent camping, with a 1 year old. The up side is my tent is still in good shape. And our little tent is perfect for us to play in this summer in the back yard. The down side is that we're tent camping with a 1 year old. So if he screams, he wakes up the whole camp site/ground. Hopefully it will be a good time. I need a break.

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