Thursday, September 19, 2013

Breakfast at 5AM

I recently returned to work from "maternity leave," which was really just FMLA and unpaid time off but whatever. Thankfully after the first week, Ben started sleeping through the night.

That first week though, it was rough. 

Ben would wake up at 3am then again at 5am, slurp down two ounces of milk then promptly fall back asleep. This was great except Ben woke up Izzy. 

One particular night, Izzy fell asleep at 6pm. I tried to wake her up for dinner but she fell asleep trying to get out of bed and as the terrible adult that I am, I let her sleep. That morning she woke up at 3am with Ben and me and we had a party. That is Ben screamed, Izzy whined, and I frantically peed, warmed a bottle of milk, and tried to keep my breasts from soaking my nightgown. 

When I finally got everything situated, Izzy comes up to me and asks if she can have a Lunchable to eat because she was 'starving.' Now we just discovered that she will eat Lunchables. You know, the cracker, sandwich meat, and cheese trays that you probably got once or twice for lunch when you were a kid? Yeah, she eats the whole thing. And it really is great for a quick lunch for your four year old when you have a screaming baby.

As a breakfast meal though, it's a little iffy. I mean, it's not the best breakfast, but it sure as heck beats sugary cereal. So I said "Sure sweetie, go right ahead." Izzy promptly ate all the crackers, cheese, and meat then when those were done she ate the Oreo cookies. At 5am in the morning. 

Reminds me of the Bill Cosby skit where the kids ask for chocolate cake for breakfast and he agrees because of all the ingredients. 

Friday, August 23, 2013


We have sacrificed our first bottle to the Terrible Adult Gods.

We took the kids to the drive-in to see Despicable Me 2 and RIPD (which btw, don't waste your time on). It was raining just enough we didn't want to sit and get wet but not enough to leave so we just popped open the hatch of the van and watched the shows.
Ben took a bit of a bottle, more of a snack than anything, and we put the bottle in the cup holder so we wouldn't knock it over. When the show was done, we packed up and left pulling the perishables out when we got home. Had a good time really.

Three weeks later we were going to go out with the kids to eat and go grocery shopping. I opened the van to get the stuff out of the back: two strollers, reusable grocery bags, clothes for goodwill, and child carriers for Ben, etc. etc. Essentially taking the time to clean up the van of odd's N ends.

And that's when I found it.

A bottle, 3/4ths full of breast milk, capped, sitting in the cup holder in the back of the van. The nipple had turned pink and had a few splotches of mold growing on the outside. I was disgusted but accepting. Besides what are you going to do? Get angry? Things like this happen - especially to us. I didn't bother trying to sanitize it in any way and simply threw the thing in the recycling bin (I do care about the earth after all).

I must marvel at the wonders of Medela Bottles though. You would have thought the van would have had a terrible smell with the 80+ degree summer weather but no smell reached my nose. Or my daughters who is in that lovely stage of toddler-hood where stating the obvious comes right out of her mouth with no filter. High quality bottles for sure.